The Reckoning

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Growing up in north Louisiana, my maternal grandmother played a big part in my upbringing, so it is natural that some of her mannerisms and colloquialisms persist in me to this day. She was a well-known thrifty shopper, and sometimes, when I find myself at a supermarket, internally debating whether I should purchase some luxury item, I have to chuckle when I hear myself say, as I put it back on the shelf, “Well, I reckon I don’t really need that.”

I often joke, when I’m teaching on Romans 6:11, that the Apostle Paul must have been a Southerner at heart, since he, too, used the term, “reckon.”

Likewise reckon ye also yourselves to be dead indeed unto sin, but alive unto God through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Romans 6:11

However, the reckoning to which Paul, under the divine inspiration of the Holy Spirit, referred, is somewhat different. When men are saved from their sinful condition by God’s grace, and reconciled to Him through faith in Jesus Christ, and through the reality of His shed blood on the Cross, there is reason enough to rejoice. But the great saving work of the Lord is even richer.  Not only does God see born-again believers as “righteous” in Christ Jesus, but His Spirit, Who indwells these believers, also breaks the power of sin over their life.

The way to appropriate this power, and to live in purity and holiness before God, is to access the truth of Scripture, believe it, yield to it, and understand that your former self is “dead.” In other words, “reckon” yourself to be dead, and understand that the only way to live again is to live in Christ Jesus.

Let us who have been saved live victoriously for God, since the power of sin has been broken. Can this really happen in your life? Only if you “reckon” so.


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