Professing Atheists Are Affected by Their Past

March 20, 2009 at 8:59 am | Posted in ProfessingAtheists | 7 Comments
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Professing Atheist: I can understand where you are coming from. I was a born again Christian for 30 years. Born and raised to believe that the “Word of God” is perfect and infallible. My grandfather was a preacher; my father was a deacon at my church and I was ALWAYS VERY involved in my church. I will tell you that 10 short years ago, my faith was 100% unshakable.

Christian: While I appreciate your insight, we do not appear to have very similar backgrounds. I was not raised to believe that the Word of God was perfect and infallible, although I have known it to be for some time now. Also, I have no reason to think you are being intentionally deceitful, but, according to your own words and logic, your faith was not 100% unshakable. This is evidenced by the fact that, by your own admission, you no longer have this faith. Therefore, it was in fact shaken, and, apparently, shaken loose. I regret that, and I encourage you to turn back to it.

Professing Atheist: I am very ashamed of the way that I once behaved. I have apologized to all my Jewish, Mormon, JW, and atheist friends for trying to convince them that they were doomed to an eternity in hell if they did not conform to my beliefs.

Christian: Part of the problem may have been that you tried to convince people to conform to “your” beliefs. I do not advocate conforming to the beliefs of any person. My prayer is that everyone would conform their beliefs to the Word of God, which is immutable Truth.

Professing Atheists: You do NOT have it all figured out.

Christian: Neither I, nor anyone else, has “it all figured out.” However, I know that God is perfect, and He does have everything worked out. When people tell me they used to trust God, but they walked away from Him because of a problem with His people, I like to point out Jeremiah 2:5: “Thus saith the LORD, What iniquity have your fathers found in me, that they are gone far from me, and have walked after vanity, and are become vain?” You may be very ashamed of past behavior on the part of men who claimed to love God, but God Himself never did anything to cause you to turn away from Him.



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  1. Good Stuff, I like it, so true, no of us have it all figured out. Thank God for that humility 🙂 Glad you like the blog, I replied and said “sure, steal away” on the Servant Leader piece. May it bless someone else too. Added u 2 my blog roll as well! Blessings,Robin

  2. Okay, thanks, Robin. Blessings to you, too.

  3. stop by, I gave you a blog award!!!

  4. Great post. I am a student at a large University and the campus is very much atheistic and this provided me helpful to me.

  5. Thanks, Humanitas, and Happy Professing Atheists’ Day! (April 1)

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