Waters of Grace

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One of my favorite activities is swimming. The Bible contains only five references to swimming that I can find. However, the biggest necessity for swimming – water – is abundant in the Scriptures. One of the most majestic pictures of water in the whole Bible is found in Ezekiel 47. There, the prophet Ezekiel is taken on a grand tour of the future area around the earthly throne of God, from which flow the waters of His grace. These waters form a mighty river, and bring refreshment, and heal sickness, and produce fruit.

I have devised an acrostic using the letters in the word “W.A.T.E.R.S.” for this S.W.I.M. (See What It Means) lesson to review some of the things we have learned about God’s miraculous waters of grace.

Waters are for W.ashing. God’s grace has a tremendous healing quality, illustrated in the way that clean waters flowing into a polluted stream can cleanse and heal the dirty waters. (Ezekiel 47:8-9)

Waters are A.llowed to go where they need to go. God’s grace always goes to the right place – the place where it is most needed, and where it will do the most good. God’s grace, like water, often seeks the “lowest” point. (Ezekiel 47:1-2)

Waters are for T.esting. Waters which are too high for wading present a test or an obstacle. God’s grace often brings us to places of difficulty so that we realize we need His help to go through. (Ezekiel 47:4-5)

Waters are for E.xercising. Swimming is one of the best activities for physical fitness, and exercising ourselves spiritually in God’s grace is where we gain the strength to grow in Christian maturity. (Ezekiel 47:5)

Waters are for R.efreshing. There’s something bracing and stimulating about cold water on your feet when you are hot and tired. God’s grace often comes to us slowly so that we may test the temperature of our surroundings, and to remind us of the need for having clean and holy feet as we order our steps in His path. (Ezekiel 47:3-4)

Waters have a S.ource. When we find an area of water, it will typically have been brought there by a flowing stream, rain from above, or springs from below. Our omnipresent God is everywhere at once, and, when we experience His wonderful grace, we must remember to seek the Source of that grace, and to draw near to Him. (Ezekiel 47:5-6)


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