God Is Real, God Is Good, and God Is REALLY GOOD!

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I sometimes have encounters with professing atheists. Most of them would call these encounters “debates” or “arguments,” but that’s not really what they are. What is really going on is that I’m just revealing the truth of God’s Word and they are trying to suppress it, reject it, rage against it, or pretend it isn’t real. Since the Bible is the source of Absolute Truth in this world, I believe it is important to use it when confronting someone who is pretending not to believe in God.

However, I do have another practical proof of the existence of God: my wife. If you knew me and knew what an awful jerk I can sometimes be (and often am) – and, if you knew my wife and how absolutely beautiful and wonderful and intelligent and wise and witty and spiritually mature she is, there is simply no explanation for why she would be married to me, other than: There is a God Who is all-powerful, and Who is loving and kind and sovereign and GOOD to me.

My wife is the epitome of what the Bible says a wife and mother should be. She loves God and His Word, and she is a constant source of encouragement to me, our children, her friends, and our church family. Some people jokingly call her “Proverbs 31 Woman” as a nickname, but if they knew her like I do, they would see that it’s not really that much of a joke. Proverbs 31 is actually a pretty good description of her!

I know a preacher who used to say that sometimes he felt like “God’s spoiled brat,” and I thought that sounded strange because we are not supposed to respond to God’s grace like over-indulged children. However, I don’t know a better way to put it myself! Hopefully, I don’t act like a spoiled brat, but I sure do feel like one when I think that, not only did God save me from hell, sin, death, the grave, Satan, and God’s wrath, all of which I richly deserved – as if that wasn’t enough, He then turned around and gave me the greatest wife in the world – and then, overwhelming me with His goodness, mercy, and grace, He blessed me with three [update: now four] wonderful daughters!

It’s been two years since I tried to celebrate Valentine’s Day by posting a poem about my wife. I thought it would be more thoughtful than a Hallmark card. Here’s a helpful hint: If you stink at writing poetry as bad as I do, stick to the Hallmark! However, I do want to tell my wife – in case she reads this – that I love her more than even a good poem could have expressed. Aside from the Lord’s salvation and the richness and joy and peace of knowing God in Christ Jesus my Lord, she is the greatest gift that God ever gave me.


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  1. Thank you… I love you more every day.

  2. Not making it easier for the rest of us brother! Thank you for the reminders of things often taken for granted…

  3. Thanks, Mark. Laura and your mom were just saying how exciting it was to see you baptizing Trinity on the video you posted. We’re happy for y’all!

  4. Truly a Valentine gift to me……to know that my little girl is so genuinely cherished & appreciated by her spouse!

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