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When a new Christian asks his pastor where he should begin reading in his Bible, the answer will often be the Gospel of John (4th Book in the New Testament), and I agree: that is a good place to start. However, I think all new Christians should also try to read the Book of Genesis very early on in their Christian walk. It contains the blueprint for all that is to come later in the Bible, it gives us invaluable information about exactly Who God is, and it tells us how we human beings originated. At times it reads like a terse historical narrative and at other times like a torrid novel, but it is completely reliable, factual, and inspired by God Himself.

I have enjoyed posting a series of brief lessons on the Book of Genesis, for which I have provided links below:

1. Universe or Multiverse?
2. Catechism Question 1
3. Catechism Question 4
4. The World’s First History Book
5. Equipped to Eat Meat? (Genesis 1:29-30, 2:9, 9:1-3)
6. Where to Find Yourself

7. Marriage Should Not be Spurious (Genesis 1-2)
8. The Devil’s Math (Genesis 2-3)
9. I’m Just Sayin’ 8 (Genesis 2:18)
10. The Founding Father
11. A Fake in the Grass
12. You Can’t Get Blood from a Turnip *
13. What Is Lying at Your Door?
14. How the Fallen Are Mighty
15. Beware the Foretaste of Fatality
16. Falling, Flooding, and Facing Facts
17. Their Ark Was Bigger than Their Bite
18. Men Rise and Fall, but the Lord Reigns Forever
19. Children Need to Know that Death Is Real (Genesis 6-9)
20. The Big Cover-Up
21. We’ve Come a Wrong Way
22. The Great “I AM” Announces the Great “I WILL”
23. Getting a Lot Out of the World
24. Being At-TENT-ive to God
25. Home Is Where Your Lord Is
26. “Aman” of Faith
27. The Internal War
28. The Top Story in Sodom (Genesis 17-19)
29. Did God Have to Go Down and See? (Genesis 18)
30. As Good as Dead (Genesis 20-21)
31. Tested Faith Is Strong Faith (Genesis 22)
32. Abraham and Isaac Receiving Christ in a Figure (Genesis 22)
33. Spiritual Lessons Found in Historical Accounts
34. A Match Made in Heaven Part 1
35. A Match Made in Heaven Part 2
36. Anybody Can Be Profane
37. The Scientific Method
38. Lord, Leader, and Ladder
39. Shove at First Sight
40. The Name Game
41. Choosing the Right Watering Hole
42. The God-Mastered Man
43. The Men Who Worked on Skyscrapers
44. The Dangers of Fatherhood
45. The Son of Suffering and Glory
46. The Best Representative of a Generation
47. The Down Side of being the Favorite Son
48. Beware of Fabrics, Frolicking, and Friends
49. Don’t Get Too Attached to Your Coat
50. The First Interpreter
51. That’s Good. No, that’s Bad.
52. Jesus and Joseph and Their Brethren
53. The Recognition Admonition
54. Check Your Sack Before Jesus Comes Back
55. Nominative Repetition: Warning and Comfort
56. The Real “First Thanksgiving:” The Pilgrims Meet the Egyptians
57. The Redeemer Is Prophesied
58. The End of the Beginning

*most read post in series

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