The Unselfish Prayer

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Prayer is a great gift from God. Through prayer we can communicate directly with the Sovereign Lord and Creator of this universe. The Bible is replete with examples of good and effective prayers. But our ultimate example for how we should pray is Jesus Christ Himself. Throughout His earthly life, prayer was such a key component of His relationship with His Father, that, even at His most painfully distracted moments, He never forsook the practice of prayer.

From the moment of Jesus’s arrest outside the garden of Gethsemane, and all through the rest of that night, and all through the vile mocking travesty of a “trial” to which He was subjected by His tormentors, He had very little to say in His Own defense. His silence in the face of men did not equate to silence before the face of His Father, though. And when the cruel cold iron spikes were driven into His hands and feet, He cried out in prayer, not for Himself, but for others:

…Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do…

Luke 23:34

During your prayer time, are most of your prayers about you or about others? When is the last time you prayed that others would be blessed, even if the Lord were to allow your suffering as a part of that blessing?


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