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The Books of Acts records the organization and spreading of the Christian Church at its beginnings. Many of the things we do today in church – evangelism, preaching, praying, singing, fellowshipping, sharing meals, ministering to the needy, missions and missionary support – are patterned on the way things were done by the early Church in the 1st Century. Acts is an invaluable resource for Christians today. Below are links to lessons which feature some of the highlights from the Book of Acts:

1. Powerful Changes
2. The Power of the Resurrection and of the Holy Ghost 
3. Praying in Between
4. In One Place in One Accord
5. Unction in Church
6. For the Ladies…
7. Acts and the Apostles: Activated, Authorized, Audible, and Accountable
8. From Power to Proclamation to Prayer *
9. God’s Decretive Will
10. The Blessing and the Cost of an Honest Report
11. Beware the Fear that Falls
12. Exposing the Enemy and Going Forth with the Truth
13. Changing Names and Calling Names
14. Catechism Question 18
15. Testing Your Testimony

16. Preaching, Pressing, and Pushing On
17. The Life of a Missionary: Having a Fit, Making a Tough Choice, and Singing in Jail
18. The Most Important Question in Life
19. Don’t Get Caught Up the Creek Without Your Oars
20. Varied Results
21. Time Is Running Out
22. Insincerity, Inaccuracy, or Incompletion?
23. Promoted with Straight “A”s
24. The Man Who Fell out of Church (Narrative)
25. The Man Who Fell out of Church (Application)
26. Conscious of the Conscience
27. Innocent Bystanders
28. The More You See, the Better You Look
29. The Backstroke

30. When in Rome, Preach to the Romans

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