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I admit it: One of my many faults is that I’m a slow reader. It’s not that I usually have trouble understanding the words or comprehending the sense of what I’m reading. It’s just that I tend to fixate on sentence structure, word choices, and even ambiguous grammar and punctuation. So, while I do read “a lot,” it often takes me far longer than it should to do it.

This goes double for my Bible reading. Bible verses can be so packed with spiritual truth that, if you truly love God’s Word, there is a temptation to go over certain verses, clauses, or even words, multiple times before moving on. Recently I’ve been seeing articles advocating the practice of reading whole books of the Bible in one sitting. While I have done this before, it is a tremendous challenge for me, and I personally don’t recommend it as a proven study method. However, if I had to pick a book which seems most suitable to this practice, I would probably choose the Book of Mark. I’m not saying that I taught or wrote the lessons in this series after a rush-through nonstop reading of Mark, but there is something about the way the Holy Ghost inspired Mark to write about Jesus’s earthly ministry that seems to prompt a desire for “movement,” and “activity,” even “busyness.” Mark shows us Jesus “on the move,” the Divine, yet earthly, Servant Who for about three and a half years went “straightway” about His Father’s business, always on the verge of sprinting off toward the next miracle, teaching opportunity, event, or activity. My prayer is that these lessons will motivate us to stay active and energetic and enthusiastic in emulating His example, as we are motivated by His glorious Gospel:

1. Immediate Service (Mark 1:12-13)
2. A Major Breaking News Story (Mark 1:15)
3. The Ordo Salutis (Mark 1:15)
3. Casting FOR Fish, and Casting OUT Fiends (Mark 1:16-28)
4. Compassion for the Crowds (Mark 1:32-45)
5. Forgiveness, Fulfillment, and Freedom (Mark 2-3)
6. The Gross-Out Factor for Kids (Mark 2:16-17)
7. He Was Beside Himself (Mark 3:21)
8. Serving without Fear (Mark 4-5)
9. Beware the Furious Fiend (Mark 5:5)
10. Rising Faith (Mark 5:33-42)
11. Faith in Service (Mark 6:1-9)
12. The Direction of True Faith (Mark 6:20-46)
13. Disciples, Defilement, and Division (Mark 7)
14. Clean Hands and Pure Hearts (Mark 7:1-13)
15. Biblical S.T.O.P. Signs
(Mark 8)
16. Okay, Who Forgot to Bring the Food?! (Mark 8:12-18)
17. Doubting Disciples Duped by Demonic Distractions (Mark 8:27-36)
18. The One Question You MUST NOT Get Wrong (Mark 8:29) *
19. What Lack I Yet? (Mark 8:35-36)
20. Overcoming Shame (Mark 8:38)
21. His Glory and His Word (Mark 9)
22. Water, Water, Everywhere… (Mark 9:41)
23. Becoming Part of the Family (Mark 9:42)
24. A Pair of Paradoxes (Mark 10:2-16)
25. The POV of Marriage (Mark 10:2-9)
26. Defining “Impossible” (Mark 10:26-27)
27. A Second Pair of Paradoxes (Mark 10:28-45)
28. Role Reversal Ransom (Mark 10:45)
29. Blind Beggar Boldly Beats Bandwagoners (Mark 10:46-49)
30. The Servant King and Servant Judge (Mark 11)
31. Faith in God (Mark 11:22)
32. The Servant Prophet (Mark 12)
33. Especially the Family (Mark 12:28-31)
34. Living and Giving, Heeding and Proceeding (Luke 12-13)
35. Flipping the Script on the Passover (Mark 14)
36. Cross-Eyed (Mark 15:29-32)

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