Professing Atheists Understand More of the Bible than They Want to Admit

February 16, 2009 at 1:48 pm | Posted in ProfessingAtheists | 5 Comments
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Professing Atheist: What is this odd habit Christians seem to have of quoting the Bible to atheists, as if they should be somehow swayed by its words?

Christian: There is nothing odd about the fact that people who believe the Bible (II Timothy 3:16) quote it to unbelievers. It contains the living and powerful Word. (Hebrews 4:12) It causes a reaction in the spirit of unbelievers. (Job 32:8 )

What is remarkable, though, is how diligent professing atheists are in trying to get Christians to stop quoting it at them. I don’t really know who said this, but I’ve heard it attributed to Mark Twain: “It’s not the parts of the Bible I don’t understand which worry me. It’s the parts that I do understand.” He’s not an inerrant authority, like the Bible, but professing atheists who don’t want to hear Scripture share his anxiety.

The Truth is like salt. It adds flavor, but it also has an antiseptic, stinging quality when applied to the wounds of unrepented-of sin. (Job 6:6; Matthew 5:11-13) God created man, and therefore will one day judge all men. Scoffers are people who know the truth, but choose to deny the truth because they are walking after their own lusts. (II Peter 3:3)

Professing Atheist: You say it causes a reaction in the spirit of unbelievers… Um, no… it doesn’t. The reaction you get from atheists is born of frustration.

Christian: Frustration can be defined as a reaction. It occurs when one experiences great annoyance or irritation over not getting a result which is greatly desired. The Bible explains one of the greatest sources of frustration as a lack of love for God’s law. (Psalm 119:165) People who are frustrated at hearing Scripture are easily offended, because they don’t consider Scripture to be “fair” in an argument.

Thankfully, the Christian’s duty is not to win an argument, but to proclaim Truth. (II Timothy 4:2) The reaction for many professing atheists is frustration, but for some, the reaction is conviction which leads to repentance which leads, ultimately, to salvation. In those cases the Christian did not win an argument. Instead, Almighty God saved a lost soul, to His own glory. And that is one of the things that makes it all worthwhile.

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