D.L. Moody S.W.I.M. Quote

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Salvation is worth working for. It is worth a man’s going round the world on
his hands and knees, climbing its mountains, crossing its valleys, swimming
its rivers, going through all manner of hardship in order to attain it. But we
do not get it in that way. It is to him who believes.

D.L. Moody

It’s Good to “S.W.I.M.” with Spurgeon

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Have you ever heard this parable concerning faith? She had to cross a stream, and the current was strong, and there came one to her who said, “Faith, I will help thee! Come with me up the river till we can find a place where we can ford it.”

Faith said, “No; I was bidden to cross the river here.”

So another came, and said, “I will build a bridge for you, that you may go over the river with ease,” and he laid hold of a few stones, but not much ever came of it.

Yet another said, “I will go and find a boat.” But there were no boats about; therefore, they asked Faith to wait till they build a boat for her.

What did she do? She took off her vestments, and plunged into the water. “Thank God,” said she, “I can swim;” and so she swam across, and reached the other side without boat, without bridge, and without ford.

That is what I should like to see every sinner here do — begin to swim. Do not wait for help. Cast yourself into the stream of everlasting love. Believe in Christ Jesus, and have no more confidence in the flesh, with its bridges and boats. Commit thyself to the stream of eternal grace, and swim across. Faith can enable you to do it. Nothing else can. Take that lesson home to yourselves, you who are seeking the Saviour at this time.

Charles H. Spurgeon

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