Standing with Daniel

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There is an expression you sometimes hear in old movies for a man who is loyal and trustworthy and can be counted on to do the courageous thing in difficult circumstances: “a stand-up guy.” The prophet Daniel was such a man. From his youth on through the later years of his life Daniel was a man of character and integrity who stood strong for the Lord in adverse situations. He is a great role model for Christians today.

Here is a review of the lessons on the Book of Daniel:

1. Stand Up for Jesus
2. Character and Integrity Part 4 (*)
3. After the Fire
4. Beware the Five Fingers
5. The Handwriting on the Wall
6. Diverting the Flow of the Word
7. The Lamb Cows the Lion
8. Blesschatology
9. Comparisons, Calculations, and Christophany
10. Looking Forward to What Has Already Been Sealed

(*) most-read post in series

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