Why Read Other Books?

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Question: I read my Bible. What does it matter if I read other books or not?

Answer: I agree that if you are only going to read one book, read the Bible. That’s the most important book. However, one reason adults – especially Christian adults – should read other things, too, is that the ability to read is a great gift from God, and a great way to acquire information and knowledge about areas where the Bible gives principles, but might not go into a lot of detail. Also, I’m concerned about our brains. The part of your brain intended for reading comprehension will get atrophied (like a muscle that never gets any exercise) if it is not used. The result will be a decreased ability to understand concepts, to apply information or knowledge to circumstances (wisdom), a poor vocabulary, and a failure to be able to properly explain what you are trying to say when it might be important.

Also, I’m concerned about how social media and television have come to replace reading. These activities are far more mentally passive, and they don’t use the same part of your brain. Also, they are addictive in a bad way. According to studies, when you get attention on social media or achieve a goal on a video game or app, your brain releases dopamine which creates a sensation of pleasure. However, you soon develop a higher tolerance level, and you need to feed the unconscious craving for dopamine more and more, so you spend an inordinate amount of (mostly wasted) time playing silly games or checking your status for “likes,” hoping to keep your dopamine receptor engaged. It’s just not mentally healthy the way reading is.

Standing before the Throne: God’s Righteousness

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The Possessor of the Great White Throne is the Lord God Almighty, who will judge His creatures. The Power of His Throne is great – no one will dare to challenge or even come close to having the strength to challenge His right to judge. His Throne is Pure. Judgment against sinners shall be passed before this completely white and holy throne.

The Great White Throne shows God’s righteousness. Those who stand before this Throne will get a fair hearing. The evidence will be incontrovertible.

And I saw the dead, small and great, stand before God; and the books were opened: and another book was opened, which is the book of life: and the dead were judged out of those things which were written in the books, according to their works.

Revelation 20:12 (emphasis added)

The evidence against the unconverted will be in these books. If you die having not been born again in Christ Jesus, then you will be there when these books are opened, and a record of everything you have ever done and everything you have ever said will be in one of those books. Another one of the books will be the Bible. Have you ever thought about the things you have done and said – the things you do and say – and then laid them alongside the commands and precepts of the Bible? The objection that you don’t understand everything in the Bible will not be an excuse. The fact is, if you have bothered to read it, then you understand some very important things already. Mark Twain once said that it was not the things he didn’t understand in the Bible that scared him. It was the things he did understand. The idea that your actions and your words have been – and are being – recorded in God’s book is bad enough. But it goes even further. Every thought – every secret thought of your heart – is recorded. They are all written down in the King’s book. You will not be able to argue that it is unfair for God to judge you by your actions, and to plead that He should be taking into account the attitude of your heart. For your heart will condemn you even more than your words and actions. Can you imagine every thought you’ve ever had being played out on a public viewing screen? You will want to do anything to keep this book from being opened! But it will be opened.

There is only one thing that can blot out the record of your sins from that book. It is the precious blood of Jesus Christ. Have you called upon Him to save you? If you are reading this, it is not yet too late.

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