I’m Just Sayin’ 6

July 15, 2011 at 9:48 am | Posted in I'm Just Sayin' | 6 Comments
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I know next to nothing about cooking, but, I’m just sayin’, the custardy dessert called flan is some GOOD stuff! Actually, it may not be universally good – I’ve only had it a handful of times – but the flan at a restaurant called Rio Mar in New Orleans is definitely one of the best things I’ve ever put in my mouth.

I don’t normally write about food on this blog, and I’m certainly not getting paid to promote a restaurant, but let me tell you, if you ever get the chance, go there and order it. In fact, skip the appetizer, salad, and entree’, and just order about eight orders of the flan – it’s that good.

I do not know what’s in it or how it’s made, and I don’t wanna know! I have a vague idea that maybe it’s a Spanish dessert, but, I’m just sayin’, it’s probably a good thing that I don’t live in Spain. If this is what they have for dessert over there, I would easily be the world’s fattest Spaniard. In fact, I would change my name to “The Flaniard.” I’m just sayin’.

UPDATE: Rio Mar closed at the end of July, 2014. A day of mourning for flan lovers everywhere.

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