Only Jesus

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And we have seen and do testify that the Father sent the Son to be the Saviour of the world.

I John 4:14

Could God have sent anybody else to be the Savior of the world? No, nobody else could have done it – only Jesus. What are some of the things Jesus did that no one else could do?

1. He left Heaven to come to this earth, being born in humble circumstances. No one else could do that, because all other beings are created. Jesus was not created. He existed in His Heavenly home for all eternity.

2. He left the supreme throne of the universe to walk in this lowly world, and He saw sin and the hurt that it causes from a unique perspective. All human beings are sinners ourselves, and we see sin and pain through a cloudy lens of self-interest.

3. He was able to love and save His worst enemies – even those who wanted to kill Him. As mortal sinners, we are sometimes nice to people that we like – or even to people we don’t know. But to people who hate us? Not so much. And certainly not to people who would want to kill us!

4. He brought forgiveness of sins and the only true peace that troubled souls can experience. No one else could forgive our sins because everyone else has their own sins. Jesus did not. He was and is the the perfect sinless Son of God. Only He has the power to forgive sins.

5. He spoke words of eternal absolute truth. When we try to comfort someone who is hurting, our words are not always helpful. Jesus’s words have special power. They are always true. If you believe them, they have the power to make you “whole,” and to make you righteous before God.

6. He opened the eyes of the physically blind and the spiritually blind. Jesus showed us the true nature of God.

7. He cared about people’s needs comprehensively. You do not have a need in your life that Jesus cannot meet.

Jesus was the the King Who came to serve, rather than to be served. He obeyed His Father perfectly. He loved us perfectly. He is the King over all kings and the Lord over all lords, and yet He came to die for you and me. Despite our lack of worth and intrinsic merit, we are important to the King. It is one thing for someone powerful and wealthy to meet your physical, material needs – to give you presents or money. But dying for you is way more than giving gifts or money. Jesus doesn’t expect you to earn His love or forgiveness. We could never do that anyway. He wants us to obey Him and live for Him, which is the best thing in the world for us.

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